Adult Jokes in the Shrek Movies That Went Over Your Head

“Do You Think He’s Compensating for Something?”

When Shrek and Donkey go visit Duloc, Shrek notices the immense height and size of Lord Farquaad’s ~tower~. He then utters this quote, implying that Farquaad might be not be very well-endowed. This sexual innuendo was lost on the kids, but gave adults a laugh.

References to COPS and the OJ Simpson Chase

One scene in Shrek 2 was an ode to COPS. KNIGHTS had jerky camera movements in the style of the police show and followed a literal white bronco (referencing the infamous OJ Simpson police chase). There is even a drug reference when catnip is found on Puss and he declares, “That’s, uh, not mine.”

Wipe Your… Face

At the entrance of Duloc, Shrek and Donkey watch an animatronic puppet show sing the laws and rules of the city. The puppets instruct visitors to, “keep off of the grass, shine your shoes,” and “wipe your…” – they then showcased their rear ends. Then, all the puppets turned around to say “face!” in an awkward non-rhyme. You’d be an ass not to know what they were implying.

Lord Farquaad Playing with His Little Farquaad

In one of the more lewd, yet discreet sex jokes in Shrek, Lord Farquaad is in bed and asks the Magic Mirror to show him Fiona again. The look on the Mirror’s face and Farquaad’s quick peek under the covers imply he was aroused by the image.

Lord Farquaad = Lord F*ckwad

The Shrek writers playfully hid a swear inside a character’s name so well that it wasn’t uncovered for years. If you say “Lord Farquaad” as quickly as you can, it easily breaks down to “Lord F*ckwad.” While this hidden f-bomb hasn’t been confirmed by DreamWorks, many posters on Reddit certainly believe it to be true.

Snow White’s Not “Easy”

When Lord Farquaad listens to a list of potential princesses to marry in Shrek, the Magic Mirror brings up Snow White’s living situation. The Mirror casually mentions that “although she lives with seven other men, she’s not easy.” The rim shot after this comment hammers home the sex joke.

Getting High on Frankincense and Myrrh

In Shrek the Third, our heroes walk past a carriage with smoke coming out of it. One of the passengers steps out looking really “relaxed,” as the other speaks in a SoCal accent asking his “bro” not to burn all of his frankincense and myrrh. This reference was subtle enough for adults to chuckle at while kids were none the wiser.

Ladies Love Naked Shrek

When Shrek transforms into a handsome human in Shrek 2, he gets some unwanted attention from many female citizens of the kingdom. These women hit on him as his clothes become baggy and loose after the transformation, culminating with the dropping of his pants. When Donkey says, “we need to get you out of those clothes,” the women gasp in delight at the thought of a nude human Shrek.

Pinocchio Wears Ladies Underwear

When Pinocchio and the gang try to rescue Shrek, Puss, and Donkey from imprisonment in Shrek 2, he has to tell a lie in order for his nose to grow and help them escape. When Pinocchio says he wears ladies’ underwear, his nose doesn’t grow. In fact, his nose grows exponentially when he denies wearing women’s undergarments. This comes off as a silly moment for kids, but had adults curious as to what kind of lifestyle Pinocchio leads.