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The Walking Dead Season 7 Death Pool

Are you ready for The  season 7 death pool? From the season premiere to the finale, fans can expect many shocking deaths, so get the smelling salts and tequila ready. Who will die in season 7 on The Walking Dead will mostly be determined by Negan, the biggest villain the show has seen so far. 

Negan and his trusty evil sidekick Lucille started the season off wreaking havoc and generally making fans seethe with rage. After the frustrating season 6 finale cliffhanger, Walking Deadseason 7 death predictions were the major topic of discussion. Fans spent months wondering who would die in the season 7 opener, and the premiere delivered misdirection, gore, and death aplenty.

Who is next? Would the show break our hearts and kill Daryl? If that’s the case, AMC should hire extra security for the offices. How about Michonne or Carol? Don’t even think about it, Scott Gimple! 

Which Walking Dead characters wll die in season 7 has already be determined by the showrunner and writers. Now, we just have to guess who they’ve picked to go gently into that good night, or screaming all the way. 

Who do you think will bite the dust in season 7 of The Walking Dead? Vote up unlucky victims to the top.


last position #2Spencer - Died Ep. 8






Rosita Espinosa

Father Gabriel

Eugene Porter



Tara Chambler

Morgan Jones



Maggie Rhee


Carol Peletier

Daryl Dixon



Carl Grimes