The Wall Is Coming Down Soon In Game Of Thrones, And We Can Prove It

Before Season 7 of  began, there were rumors that the Wall would fall, answering the question “Can the Wall in Game of Thrones be destroyed?” Why, sure it can! After all, why would George R. R. Martin create the largest man-made structure in this world and then just let it exist forever, all Wall-like?

Does the Wall in Game of Thrones have magic? Yes, indeedy. A regular old wall is not enough to keep back a horde of undead soldiers. The Wall was created with the ancient magic of the Children of the Forest to repel the Night King and his White Walker army after the last Long Night. And now it seems like we’re headed for a big showdown with the rest of Westeros and its huge, magical, icy protector is at stake.   

If the Night King manages to overcome the magic embedded in the Wall, thousands of White Walkers and wights will spill into the North and, eventually, the rest of the Seven Kingdoms. Cersei thinks she’s got problems now – just imagine a bunch of wights storming the Red Keep. 

Will White Walkers breach the Wall, leaving it intact for the most part? That’s a possibility as well, although highly unlikely. Just unwarding the magic may be enough to let them through. However, the Night King seems intent on going big or going back to the Land of Always Winter, so a huge Wall demolition may be in order.

Speculation about the Wall’s demise is heavily tied in with Night’s Watch theories. With depleted forces, they don’t stand a chance with a real White Walker invasion. Hardhome, anyone? But will the big ugly twist see Eddison Tollet, acting Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, become a wight? Please, noooo!

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