The Wall Is Coming Down Soon In Game Of Thrones, And We Can Prove It

Before Season 7 of  began, there were rumors that the Wall would fall, answering the question “Can the Wall in Game of Thrones be destroyed?” Why, sure it can! After all, why would George R. R. Martin create the largest man-made structure in this world and then just let it exist forever, all Wall-like?

Does the Wall in Game of Thrones have magic? Yes, indeedy. A regular old wall is not enough to keep back a horde of undead soldiers. The Wall was created with the ancient magic of the Children of the Forest to repel the Night King and his White Walker army after the last Long Night. And now it seems like we’re headed for a big showdown with the rest of Westeros and its huge, magical, icy protector is at stake.   

If the Night King manages to overcome the magic embedded in the Wall, thousands of White Walkers and wights will spill into the North and, eventually, the rest of the Seven Kingdoms. Cersei thinks she’s got problems now – just imagine a bunch of wights storming the Red Keep. 

Will White Walkers breach the Wall, leaving it intact for the most part? That’s a possibility as well, although highly unlikely. Just unwarding the magic may be enough to let them through. However, the Night King seems intent on going big or going back to the Land of Always Winter, so a huge Wall demolition may be in order.

Speculation about the Wall’s demise is heavily tied in with Night’s Watch theories. With depleted forces, they don’t stand a chance with a real White Walker invasion. Hardhome, anyone? But will the big ugly twist see Eddison Tollet, acting Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, become a wight? Please, noooo!

The White Walkers May Have Built The Wall – And If They Did, They’re Going To Want It Back

According to Westerosi history, Brandon the Builder constructed the wall roughly 8,000 years ago along with the Children of the Forest and some giants. He created the structure, mostly made out of ice, after the War for the Dawn, a war between the First Men (allied with the Children of the Forest) and the White Walkers (called the Others in the books).

It is warded (that is, spells are embedded in its walls) with magic to repel White Walkers. The Wall wasn’t built as high as we see it now – 700 feet high and 300 miles long from the Gorge to the Bay of Seals.

But what if Brandon the Builder and company didn’t build the Wall at all? Fan theories suggest the Others/White Walkers could have built it, either to mark their territory or to keep men away. Reddit user Naggers123 writes,

“The Wall existed far before the First Men came to the shores of Westeros, but what better way to extol the power and supremacy of humankind by claiming such a breathtaking monument as their own[?] Like Lann the Trickster, one simple act of deception has been able to establish a dynasty that has lasted for generations. The Starks are always friends to The Watch.

The First Men have invaded the native’s lands, settling cities like Hardhome, establishing clans like the Thenns and brazenly sending their ilk as far north as their bodies will let them. The greed of man has driven them away from their homes and into the Lands of Always Winter.

And now the White Walkers want it back.

It’s not an invasion, it’s a reclamation.

Alliser Thorne’s Betrayal Ties Into An Old Prophecy About The Downfall Of The Wall

When Alliser Thorne led a rebellion against Jon Snow and split the allegiances of the Night’s Watch, he may have been sealing the Wall’s fate. A lost prophecy that only Old Nan recalls states, “The monsters cannot pass so long as the Wall stands and the men of the Night’s Watch stay true, that’s what Old Nan used to say.” Uh oh.

The Horn Of Winter Is Said To Be Able To Bring Down The Wall

There’s a legend that Joramun, who was once King-Beyond-the-Wall, blew the Horn of Winter and awoke giants to help defeat the White Walkers in battle. But what, exactly, is the Horn of Winter?

According to legend, the first time the Horn was used, it summoned the giants, but if it’s used again, it will bring down the Wall. It’s not clear where it came from, who made it, or what, exactly, it can actually do. But if someone finds that horn and blows it, there’s a good chance the Wall is coming down.

The Wall Falling Refocuses Everyone’s Goals

How important is an Iron Throne when a White Walker army is laying waste to everything in sight, turning forces against themselves as the dead rise? Does it matter how many titles Daenerys Targaryen has to her name or who Jon’s parents are when everything is going to hell?  

The Wall crumbling resets the stakes and refocuses the Seven Kingdoms on the real threat. What good is an Iron Throne when the world has been turned to ice and darkness?

Isaac Hempstead-Wright Said Bran May Cause An Earthquake

In an interview with Yahoo Singapore, Isaac Hempstead-Wright, who plays Brandon Stark, used a word that says volumes – or at least teases volumes of theories. He said, “He [Bran] may even cause an ‘earthquake’ in Westeros.”  

Is the earthquake Hodor’s death, the cave collapse, or the Wall’s toppling?

The Cover Of George R. R. Martin’s Next Book Hints At The Importance Of A Horn

The Winds of Winter is the name of GRRM’s next book in the series for A Song of Ice and Fire. It is also the title for Season 6, episode 10, of Game of ThronesThe book cover features a horn. And though no horn appeared in the Season 6 finale, it could still be a nod to what’s to come in Season 7.

The Night King’s Mark On Bran’s Arm Could Lead The White Walkers South

We know that Bran has been marked by the Night King. And we know, because of that mark, the Night King can somehow sense where Bran is at any given time. That’s how the Night King found his way to the weirdwood tree and, though Bran narrowly escaped that encounter, the Night King is definitely still looking for him.

Now that Bran is just sitting around at Winterfell, he’s basically a homing beacon for the Night King. In order to get to Bran, the army of the dead will have to get through or around the wall somehow – and however they do that, the Wall will likely become collateral damage.

The Night King Penetrated The Magic Forces Around The Weirwood Tree, So He May Be Able To Penetrate The Magic Of The Wall, Too

If the magic that’s built into the wall is the same as the magic that protected the weirwood tree, the citizens of Westeros might be kinda screwed. The Night King was able to get through the magic surrounding the weirwood tree, likely because of the mark on Bran’s arm. And now Bran is at at Winterfell, which is South of the Wall. So, if any magic standing between the Night King and Bran is irrelevant, the only thing standing between the army of the dead and Westeros is the Night’s Watch and the Wall. And it wouldn’t be too surprising if both of those things fell as the army of the dead descended upon them.

There Could Be An Ice Dragon Hiding In The Wall, Waiting To Break Out

Reddit user AnakinGabriel, thinks the Wall will hides a terrible (and undeniably awesome) secret: an ice dragon. Jon Snow often describes the tunnels in the Wall as “the belly of an ice dragon,” in the books, and there might be something more to his metaphor. The Wall is blatantly magical, Melissandre even confirms as much in the books.

Maester Aemon claims the Wall is the key to his longevity, saying “Fire consumes, but cold preserves.” The source of fire magic in Game of Thrones seems to be Daenerys’s dragons, so perhaps the magic of the Wall comes from a similarly… draconian source.

Fans who subscribe to this theory think the ice dragon will appear when the Wall falls, found in the remains like Dany’s dragons were found in the ashes of her husbands funeral pyre. Much, much more epically, some fans think that the ice dragon will emerge violently from the Wall itself, causing it to fall down. Given the size of the Wall, the ice dragon within is likely more than a match for Drogon.

Samwell Tarly Might Be The One To Bring It All Down

At this point, hardcore fans have become obsessed with the importance of magic horns in Game of Thrones. In the books, the Horn of Joramun is sought out by Mance Rayder and his wildling army, so they can use it to ransom their way past the Wall. Of course, they’re unable to find it.

Now, when he was ranging beyond the Wall, Samwell Tarly came across a cache of dragonglass. He used a dagger he found there to kill a White Walker. However, the show also took great pains to show us another item stashed away: an old warhorn. This has led some fans to speculate that Sam Tarly holds the real Horn of Joramun, and that he’ll be instrumental in the Wall’s destruction.