Ways Suicide Squad Ends Up Being Just Like a Marvel Movie

Despite clearly trying its hardest not to,Ā Suicide SquadĀ feels just like a Marvel movie. Itā€™s hubris to think that anyone can make aĀ film about superheroesĀ (or villains) teaming up to defeat a big bad without at least being reminiscent of theĀ Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yes, this movie is about bad guys and Marvelā€™s are about good guys, but in order to create something that stands out, a filmmaker has to avoid the familiar elements that Marvel has essentially baked into its films at this point. Even DC diehards can admit that there are plenty of waysĀ Suicide SquadĀ feels like a Marvel movie ā€“ from itā€™s giant swirling vortex to its soundtrack of solid gold oldies.

Just by looking at the number ofĀ Marvel movies, it’s clearĀ Suicide SquadĀ canā€™t avoid falling into the narrative pitfall of repeating something from at least one Marvel film. But there are so many Marvel Studios clichĆ©s inĀ Suicide SquadĀ that it makes you wonder whether or not writer-director David Ayer took too much inspiration fromĀ The AvengersĀ andĀ Guardians of the Galaxy.

Even thoughĀ Suicide SquadĀ is very concerned with establishing a tone thatā€™s much darker than anything in the MCU, it still feels like Tony Stark could show up at any moment and start cracking wise.

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