Weird Things Academy Award Winning Actors Have Done With Their Oscar Statues

Where do keep their Oscar statues after winning them? As winning an Oscar is the highest honor you can achieve in the movie industry, it is one of the most coveted trophies. It can be tough to decide exactly what to do with the statue after the rush of winning wears off. While many display their  proudly in their homes on the mantle or in a case, others have done some rather quirky things with their trophies.

Some of the weird things actors did with their Oscars include putting them in the refrigerator, a wine cabinet, and a pagoda. Other weird Oscar statue stories include an who left his trophy somewhere in Louisiana and another who had their statue cleaned only to have it go missing. While Oscar winning performances should be a source of pride, it’s clear based on some stories that the little gold man is merely a hunk of metal, however nice the honor may be.

Timothy Hutton Stores His In The Refrigerator

Timothy Hutton won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for 1980’s Ordinary People. All these years later, Hutton still makes good use of the trophy. In 2010, he revealed that his sister wanted to pull a prank on party guests by putting his Oscar in the fridge.

“She thought that would be kind of funny to put the Oscar in the refrigerator when people would go grab a beer or something,” Hutton explained. What makes the story even better is his final revelation, “It’s still there.” That’s one way to preserve it.

Kate Winslet Keeps Hers In The Bathroom

Kate Winslet won the Oscar for Best for 2008’s The Reader, saying in her speech that when was a child she would often wield a shampoo bottle, stand in front of the mirror and pretend she was winning an Oscar. Now, she is doing one better, allowing her guests to do the same with an actual Oscar in her bathroom. The actress stated on The Graham Norton Show:

So the best place, really, for Oscar is actually the loo, because then when everyone goes in for a wee or a poo, they can really take their time in front of the mirror with Oscar. And you can always tell, because they flush and there’s another five minutes.

Keeps His In Chicken Coop For Good Luck

Russell Crowe took home the Best Actor Oscar for 2000’s Gladiator and the actor has a very unique hiding place for the trophy. Crowe reportedly keeps his Oscar in a chicken coop on his Australian ranch. His reasoning? The Oscar apparently helps the hens lay larger eggs. We’ll take his word for it.

’s Oscar Was (Is?) On A Truck Somewhere

Nicolas Cage is certainly one of the quirkiest actors out there, so it’s only fitting that his Oscar for Best Actor for 1995’s Leaving Las Vegas is in a very odd place. He revealed that his Oscar was “in a truck somewhere moving through Louisiana” for some sort of residency reason. No word on whether Cage ever got it back, but considering he is crafty enough to “steal the Declaration of Independence,” we can only hope.

Kevin Costner Put Both Oscars In His Underwear Drawer

While Kevin Costner did not win an Oscar for acting, he did earn two little gold men for Best Picture and Best Director for 1990’s Dances with Wolves. Instead of placing them as bookends on a shelf, he decided the best place for them would be his underwear drawer. He reasoned that there would be less chance of people walking off with them.

Jared Leto’s Oscar Is Guarded By Vegan Butter

Jared Leto is an actor known for his eccentricities, so it goes without saying that he keeps his Oscar trophy for 2013’s Dallas Buyers Club in an interesting place. The actor revealed shortly after his big win that he keeps his trophy in the kitchen. In an interview, Leto said:

The Oscar is sitting in my kitchen, guarded by some vegan butter and a bag of popcorn! You know, they kind of end up in the kitchen because that’s the first place that I go when I get home. You put your keys down and you take off your jacket… and you put your Oscar in the kitchen.

Tilda Swinton Handed Hers Off To Her Agent

The always eccentric Tilda Swinton, who won Best Supporting Actress for 2007’s Michael Clayton, isn’t the type to covet material things. As such, she did not feel it necessary to keep her Oscar, saying in her acceptance speech that she would give it to her American agent. Always quick-witted, she noted that the Oscar actually resembled her agent, all the way down to his “buttocks.” She was a woman of her word, saying in 2008 that she gave it to him because the trophy doesn’t mean that much where she lives in Scotland.

Whoopi Goldberg Sent Her Oscar To Get Cleaned, Then It Disappeared

This one isn’t a “weird place an actor keeps their Oscar” story, but it’s definitely a weird place someone’s Oscar ended up. Whoopi Goldberg won her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for 1990’s Ghost. In 2002, she sent it to the Academy to have it cleaned and re-plated. When the package came back for Goldberg, the box was empty! As it turns out, someone had taken the Oscar out while it was in transit and placed it in a trashcan in Ontario, California. A security guard found the Oscar and the matter was resolved, with Goldberg stating, “Oscar will never leave my house again,”

Anna Paquin Kept Her Oscar By Her Boots And In Her Sock Drawer

Anna Paquin was only 11 years old when she took home the Oscar for 1994’s The Piano. Paquin was a little shy about the award, self conscious about her friends seeing such a prestigious trophy displayed prominently. Paquin stored her Oscar in various out-of-sight places, including on the floor next to a pair of boots and her sock drawer.

Gave It To His Mom Instead Of Giving Her A Grandkid

Ben Affleck’s first Oscar, which he won with for writing the screenplay to 1997’s Good Will Hunting, has had a transient life. He told an interviewer that he gave it to his mother who was “holding it for ransom” until she received a grandchild, but as he’s since gifted his mother grandkids after all, he’s “stolen” his Oscar back. Reportedly, he now keeps the prized statuette at his home.

Geena Davis Enshrined Hers In a Pagoda

Geena Davis, who won Best Supporting Actress for 1988’s The Accidental Tourist, keeps her Oscar in all kinds of places. She revealed in 2006 that one of the more unique places she kept her trophy was in a pagoda! She has also kept it behind velvet ropes, though it is now a little dented after falling during the 1994 earthquake in Los Angeles. Davis noted that her Oscar now resembles a “slalom skier.”

Goldie Hawn Meditates With Her Oscar

Goldie Hawn took home gold for 1969’s Cactus Flower, in the category of Best Supporting Actress. Hawn revealed that her Oscar has been in many places, though most notably, she has kept it in her meditation room. Perhaps for good juju? The actress stated:

My award is in the room where I study and practice meditation. Sometimes it’s on the mantel, sometimes I put it away. Trophy rooms are the opposite of me. Awards are history—that’s my philosophy.

Jordan Peele Placed His Statue Next To A Creepy Prop From Get Out

Anyone who went to see the 2017 smash hit Get Out remembers the terrifying scene when Catherine Keener’s character hypnotized the protagonist – causing him to sink into the existential nightmare that is the “sunken place.” In the scene, Daniel Kaluuya’s character sits in large leather chair during the hypnosis. Writer Jordan Peele apparently kept the chair after filming commenced. After receiving an Oscar for the screenplay to Get Out, Peele chose to place the statue right in front of this iconic piece of furniture.

Frances McDormand’s Statue Was Stolen During The Governors Ball

After taking home the gold for her portrayal of a grieving mother in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Frances McDormand was distraught when her Oscar statue went missing at the Governor’s Ball. She was spotted crying emotionally and searching for the statue outside the ball. A man reportedly took off with the statue. Luckily, he was apprehended by a photographer before getting too far and – by the end of the evening – the statue was returned safely. Police took the thief, Terry Bryant, into custody and booked him for grand theft.