What ’90s Cartoon Character Are You, According To Your Zodiac?

Are there two things the internet loves more than astrology and the ’90s? How about combining them to figure out which ’90s cartoon character you are based on your sign?¬†

Pop culture astrology is a fun way to discover a little more about your personality. You may have already discovered what¬†Pok√©mon would be your perfect partner¬†or which¬†character you are from¬†Star Wars¬†or the¬†Justice League, but¬†now it’s time to see which cartoon character from the ’90s aligns with your star sign.¬†

Aries (March 21-April 19)¬†needs¬†to be number one. You could even say Aries¬†wanna¬†be the very best, like no one ever was.¬†Those born under the sign of Aries are Ash Ketchum from¬†Pok√©mon, the beloved video game-inspired ’90s anime.

At just 10 years old, a typical kid would be terrified to travel the world alone and subject themselves to a number of dangerous situations (like being trapped in a cave or repeatedly thwarting¬†kidnapping attempts from the world’s top organized crime ring).

Not an Aries like Ash,¬†though. The ram does whatever it takes to become a champion – it’s just part of their¬†competitive nature.¬†At the heart of it all, the ram¬†advocates for their¬†loved ones and does what is right at all costs. If this means losing a battle because their¬†beloved best friend Pikachu doesn’t want to evolve, so be it. Aries¬†will win another way.

Tauruses¬†(April 20 ‚Äď May 20)¬†are¬†persistent and hardworking¬†but have a secret lazy side. The bull loves to bask in the lap of luxury. Taurians are¬†Dexter from¬†Dexter’s Laboratory. They use their¬†smarts to achieve wild, lofty goals, but a large swath of their¬†experiments simply help them¬†get out of doing stuff they¬†don’t want to do.

Remember the time Dexter created a Mom-Droid to do all of his chores (and of course it went horribly wrong)? For Taurus, slow and steady wins the race, which is kind of why their experiments tend to go haywire.

Still, the bull is tenacious, and even if things don’t go exactly to plan – like when Dexter turned himself into the Incredible Hulk after using radiation therapy to trick himself into liking vegetables – they (slowly) learn from their mistakes and try a different approach.

Gemini ‚Äď CatDog

Gemini¬†(May 21 ‚Äď June 20) is the¬†twin sign, known for their split personalities and adept ability to communicate. It’s only fitting to say this sign has¬†a whole lot in common with CatDog, Nickelodeon’s beloved conjoined twins.

Sometimes the two sides of a Gemini¬†don’t agree, like that time CatDog set up shop in a traffic circle and refused to work together to get off the island.¬†But when a Gemini’s¬†two personalities align, there’s nothing they¬†can’t do. Geminis thrive when they’re around their other half. This dynamic one-some is always looking for his partner in crime.

Cancerians (June 21 – July 22) are¬†filled¬†with all of the feels. Sometimes they’re pretty, like when they’re¬†penning a love song to their¬†middle school crush, and sometimes they’re complicated, like when a Cancer is¬†trying to understand why their¬†high school bully could be so mean.

A Cancer’s bedroom is their¬†sanctuary, and they¬†definitely don’t hesitate to retreat inside their shell and turn to their¬†trusty diary (and doting dog) to help¬†navigate life’s complications. Cancers¬†are Doug Funnie¬†from Nickelodeon’s¬†Doug, the kind-hearted boy-next-door who wears his heart on his sleeve and always does right by his friends and family.

Leos (July 23 – August 22)¬†are¬†bold, theatrical and can¬†be¬†overdramatic. Leos¬†are Leonardo, the unspoken leader of¬†The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Leo¬†may be a hero, but he has tendency to forget he’s¬†got a valuable team behind him, as lions tend to do.

It’s not a Leo’s fault they¬†naturally take on the role of head honcho. At the very least, a Leo¬†always use their¬†powers for good, protecting the city against the Shredder. Leos¬†are kind, courageous, and absurdly loyal. They¬†manage to invigorate their¬†team when the going gets tough, and they¬†might¬†have a slight weakness for a good New York slice.

Virgo¬†(August 23 ‚Äď September 22)¬†is one of the¬†smartest zodiac signs, so it only makes sense they are Oblina from¬†Aaahh! Real Monsters. As the brains of Monster Academy, Oblina¬†sometimes come off as a little judgmental when her¬†friends Ickis and Krumm carry out some ill-fated, moronic scheme – quite the Virgo trait.

Virgos just strive for perfection in a way others¬†don’t really understand, but they¬†definitely try to explain it to their confused friends. Virgos are never afraid to share their opinions and may come off as a bit of a nag. Nonetheless, when something goes wrong, friends always turn to a Virgo’s¬†analytical mind to fix it.

Libra¬†(September 23 – October 22)¬†thrives when¬†things are in harmony¬†and has a tendency to get a little anxious when people don’t get along ‚Äď just like¬†Courage the Cowardly Dog, Cartoon Network’s beloved scaredy pup.

Libras have an inherent need for partnership and love being taken care of (i.e. cuddling up to an old woman named Muriel in front of the¬†sort-of haunted TV). Libras¬†can’t help the fact they are an idea innovator, but they have to be careful to not let that creative mind get the best of them, or they’ll¬†find themselves filling in the blanks with terrifying thoughts¬†whenever something goes bump in the night.

Scorpios¬†(October 23 – November 21)¬†are always¬†intense and can be secretive. There’s no denying scorpions¬†relate to Eliza Thornberry from¬†The Wild Thornberrys, whose ability to talk to animals makes her increasingly more guarded, secretive, and paranoid. On the other hand, once someone gains a Scorpio’s¬†trust, they¬†are beyond loyal (kind of like Eliza’s best friend Darwin, the only one¬†who knows her true abilities).

Eliza’s life is a whirlwind of intensity, partly because she travels the world and partly because she’s hiding a monumental secret. On a Scorpio’s best day, they’re a fierce leader ready to dominate the world (or take on a couple of evil poachers terrorizing the wildlife around them). On their¬†worst, they¬†can be manipulative, but it’s usually for the greater good (it’s not totally their¬†fault¬†the people in charge can’t speak to the animals they are trying to save). Either way, a Scorpio’s enigmatic personality is intoxicating.

A Sagittarius (November 22 ‚Äď December 21)¬†loves to explore¬†and will travel the world in a quest to learn everything they¬†possibly can. It should come as no surprise¬†the archer¬†relates¬†to Sandy Cheeks, Spongebob Squarepants’s crush-turned-best friend.

Sagittarians are¬†outspoken risk-takers, and sometimes that means they’re totally out of their element (like living among sea creatures as an¬†air-breathing mammal).¬†Being slightly uncomfortable won’t stop an archer’s¬†fierce need for personal expansion and worldly knowledge, but they¬†can sometimes lose touch just a little bit (like that time Sandy was undeniably neurotic before hibernating and woke up a monster). At least they’re always honest with their¬†friends, which is totally necessary with¬†two BFFs¬†who are¬†total goons.

Capricorns¬†(December 22 – January 19)¬†are¬†successful go-getters. They’ve got a fierce drive for success and are always on top of their game. When it comes to ’90s cartoon characters, don’t be surprised to find¬†Capricornian ways lined up with¬†Hey Arnold’s¬†Arnold Shortman (yes, that’s his real last name!).

This city-slicking protagonist is always up for an adventure, especially when it has to do with the success or well-being of his friends. For Arnold (and any disciplined Capricorn), there is no task too big or too small, whether it’s coaching the anxiety-riddled¬†Stoop Kid off his stoop, solving the mystery of the Pigeon Man, or helping a depressed sea turtle escape to the wide, open ocean.

Aquarius folks (January 20 – February 18)¬†are¬†rebellious, tech-savvy leaders, just like Nickelodeon’s most innovative, brave baby. Tommy Pickles from the hit cartoon¬†Rugrats¬†is definitely a water-bearer, and he’s¬†leading the charge out of¬†diapers and into the real world.

When an Aquarian is¬†not using their¬†rebellious nature to ignore their¬†parents’ rules, they’re creating Rube Goldberg-like inventions to break out of any constraints, like a playpen. It’s not Tommy’s¬†fault¬†innovation runs in his¬†blood ‚Äď his¬†father is an eccentric toy inventor and his Aquarian desire for freedom makes it difficult for him¬†to settle for the status quo.

Pisces ‚Äď Tito Makani

Pisces (February 19 РMarch 20) are the spiritual, clairvoyant Water signs of the zodiac. It should be no surprise Tito Makani from Rocket Power is a Pisces.

Tito is always one with the ocean, spending his days out on the Hawaiian surf. He’s got an immense emotional wisdom and doles out his advice which is chock-full of mystical proverbs. Tito is one of the most compassionate characters on the show, teaching his business partner’s children how to surf and acting as a surrogate father in times of need. Just like a true Pisces, Tito helps foster healing and closure with those whose lives he touches.