What Happened To The Offspring of History’s Most Evil Figures After They Died?

What ever happened to the children of the most evil men in history? Some of their stories may surprise you. While we allĀ learn aboutĀ history’s worst villainsĀ in school, it’s rareĀ thatĀ weĀ hear anything about their descendants. Some of the offspring of these hated men have followed in theirĀ famous fathers’ footstepsĀ toĀ become brutal leaders and dictators, undoubtedly making their parents proud.

Yet, then there are the tales of children who do whatever they can to separate themselves from their evil relatives. Some of these people go into hiding and deny the very existence of the men who fathered them, livingĀ tortured lives while trying to escape their inheritedĀ past.

And while some of the world’s worst villains may no longer be alive, in many cases their bloodlines are. Their children are alive and well,Ā minglingĀ often unnoticedĀ among the rest of the population. Check out what the descendants of historical villains such asĀ Benito Mussolini, Josef Stalin, and Mao Zedong are doing now.