Whatever Happened To Tila Tequila?

What happened to Tila Tequila? In the early 2000s, the Singapore-born reality TV star seemed to be everywhere. She became the most popular person on Myspace, posed for Playboy among several other prominent magazines, and became a reality TV star with her bisexual reality dating show called A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. But Tila Tequila, born Tila Nguyen, is now a whole different animal from the one you knew from the early aughts. If you haven’t been paying attention, these stories about Tila Tequila may just totally shock you.

What’s a C-List celebrity supposed to do when their 15 minutes of fame is starting to run out? Put out a sex tape or two? Tequila did that. Hook up with an heiress to the Johnson & Johnson fortune, quickly become engaged, and then profit off of her tragic death? Tequila did that too. Become a Nazi sympathizer and take to Twitter and post statements like: “There are only two things in this world, for which I would gladly sacrifice my own life; the destruction of all Jews and preservation of the white race.” Tequila did that as well!

The crazy transformation of Tila Tequila is almost unbelievable. Is she mentally ill? Is her behavior the result of addiction? Or does she just simply love attention and is willing to do anything to get a few more minutes of fame?

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