Which 2016 Team USA Olympians Are You Most Proud Of?

It goes without saying that the roster of impressive USA Olympic for the 2016 games are incredibly inspiring and to watch. To even get to the games you have to be one of the best people in the world at what you do, and then to win medals proves that you’re not just at the height of your craft, but that you’re at the peak of humanity. What follows is a list of US Olympic who make us proud and for whom we’d bake an apple pie any day.

The following popular US Olympic athletes aren’t just your standard Wheaties box models, they’re athletes who rose above unnatural circumstances to become the greatest at what they do. Some of the athletes are considered to be too old for what they do, and others have been hurt so many times that it’s shocking that they can even walk. Their impressive and inspiring stories should be more than enough to make us want to cheer them on as they compete at the 2016 Olympic games in Rio.

Vote on the 2016 Olympic athletes that are even more impressive than the others. And if you think we left off the most impressive Team USA Olympic athlete feel free to add them to this list.

Kerri Walsh Jennings

Sarah Brown

Jillion Potter

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