White Girl Wasted: New Year’s Eve Edition

When it comes to getting wasted on ’s Eve, there seems to be a nameless holiday spirit that can inspire even the most responsible of drinkers to rise to a whole new level of ambition. But where does that fine line lie between enthusiastic holiday revelry and the dreaded level of intoxication known as “white girl wasted?” Fear not, for we’ve assembled a collection of drunk girls on ’s Eve who are here to demonstrate some of the most infamous telltale signs that you’ve crossed what can be a very fine line.
We’ve all seen or even known others who have experienced the horrors of waking up with vague but horrible recollections of everything that transpired before they blacked out on ’s Eve. Don’t let it it happen to you! Here you’ll find a handy guide to some of the more common signs that it’s time to take a little water break before you execute whatever brilliant plan may or may not be better left stored inside your own imagination.
So whether you’ve experienced the horrors of white girl drunk firsthand, or are looking for a few good reasons to never go there, these will show you the light. Below you can take in a hilariously entertaining guide to nipping party fails in the bud before they flower into full-scale humiliation!

When You Plan to Make Sure the Ball Ain’t the Only Thing That’s Droppin’ This Year

“Sorry to Disturb You Officer, but Could You Take a for Me and My Friends?”

When the Urge to Snow Angel Just Keeps Getting More Overpowering

The Snow Totally Started It

When You Totally Hope You’re Playing it too for Anyone to Notice Your Dresses Wine Stain

The Sidewalk Totally Started It.

Cause You Can Still Yell “Seeeeeeelfieee!”

When You Start Ordering Rockless Vodka on the Rocks

When the Cops Tell You to Line Up Against the Wall, but No One Can Find It

“I’m Not Passed Out! I’m Just Resting My Awake!”

When Your Resolution to be More Ambitious This Year Starts Now

That Awkard Moment You Achieve White Girl Wasted Without Even Being a Girl

When You Disguise Yourself as a Street Sweeper So the Cops Don’t Suspect You Can’t Walk

When You Require a Wheelchair to Move Despite Being in No Way Injured

When You’re So Excited to Spend NYE with Your New Best Friend

That Horrible Moment When You Can’t Tell If You or the Sidewalk Is Moving

When You Take Home the Guy You Kissed at Midnight, Even Though He’s a Tree

When You Keep Taking Celebratory “It’s Midnight Somewhere!” Shots

When You Suddenly Decide There’s No Time to Waste on Your New Year’s Resolution

When Not a Drop of Leftover Christmas Eggnog’s Going to Waste on Your Watch

When You Enjoy a Sudden Transformation from Shy Girl to Motivational Speaker

When You Accidentally Pick a Fist Fight… with a Dude

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