Wildly Dirty And Disturbing Pieces Of SpongeBob Fan Art You’ll Never Be Able To Unsee

A cartoon about a talking sponge who lives in a pineapple house and works at a fast food restaurant is ripe with possibilities for satire and lampooning. So it was perhaps inevitable that, sooner or later, disturbing fan about SpongeBob SquarePants would start to make its way onto the internet. But some of these creations are so wrong, so hilariously inappropriate, that they’re hard to forget. In other words, there is just some SpongeBob art you can’t unsee. Sure, the cartoon has adult jokes, but these unsettling SpongeBob SquarePants pictures prove that humans can find a way to make just about anything plain wrong.

SpongeBob is a children’s cartoon, but any adult who has seen the show knows that grownups can get a kick out the sea sponge’s adventures, too. But the fans with artwork featured below have taken their love of SpongeBob to a whole new, disconcerting level. Take a deep breath and take a look at this crazy, troubling, dirty SpongeBob fan art.

Squidward Has Had Enough

SpongeBob Becomes Horrifyingly Human

SpongeBob Nightmare Fuel

SpongeBob And Squidward Take Their Friendship To A Whole New Level

SpongeBob Gets Kinky With Sandy

SpongeBob Is Looking Buff

Fred’s Legs Are On Display

There’s A Lot To Unpack Here

Two Words: SpongeBob Impaled

Sandy Needs Some Privacy

Patrick Has Daddy Issues

Mitt Romney Makes A Cameo

This Seems Unnecessary

SpongeBob And Patrick In Space

SpongeBob Is Just… All Wrong