World Leaders (Allegedly) In The Illuminati

It’s not just politicians and leaders in the United States who are rumored to be in the . Numerous prime ministers, royalty, international officials, and dictators around the world are also linked to the Cabal. The same goes for powerful world leaders from recent , some of whom had their hands in the most destructive deception of all time: . When it comes to world leaders in the , there are some from all over the globe.

The world leaders listed here, past and present, all have alleged ties to the Illuminati, satanists, and/or lizard . From Queen Elizabeth and other British royalty, to prime ministers, Germany’s chancellor, United Nations officials, and even the Pope, there are notable politicians from all corners of the planet who just might be involved with the Illuminati.

Which world leaders are Illuminati members? Read through the list below to find out who has been linked to the mysterious, shadowy organization, and why.

David Cameron

The British Prime Minister is thought to be a high-ranking Illuminati member heavily involved in corrupt banking (he is a former First Lord of the Treasury), child sacrifice, Satanism, and Freemasonry. He wields enormous power and wealth, given to him in exchange for the obedience of the British .

Angela Merkel

As with all the leaders of major nations, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is posited to be a key Illuminatus, with her hands in Satanism, financial chicanery, and police state legislation. Some have declared her to be the most powerful woman in the world. She is also followed around by unsubstantiated rumors that she’s Adolf Hitler’s secret daughter. She’s not.

François Hollande

The President of France has been described as an Illuminati stooge. He is thought to be doing the bidding of his masters to ensure the continued financial of the cabal in exchange for the pretense of power over France.

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Ban Ki-moon

As Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban is the figurehead of the closest thing to a One World Government there is. As such, he wields enormous power among high-level Illuminati. The website NWOtoday proclaims that Ban “has made repeated references to Global Governance – the time for Global Governance is now.”

Pope Francis

A central figure in the alleged Illuminati Satanic infiltration of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis is seen as a powerful member of the cabal, who possibly drinks the blood of children and ensures the obedience of millions of people through mind control and hand signals.

Benjamin Netanyahu

All Illuminati-watchers who have “woken up” know that at the heart of the Illuminati is a central cabal of Jewish leaders. The Prime Minister of Israel certainly would fit into this group, and Netanyahu is believed to have enormous influence in the group.

Elizabeth II

It’s long been thought by Illuminati-watchers that the Windsor bloodline, of which Elizabeth II is a member, is actually comprised of reptilian lizards able to change their shapes into humans. As with all other Illuminati, she’s also involved with Satan, banking and killing those who stand in her way.

Gordon Brown

The former Prime Minister of Great Britain (the Illuminati replaced him with David Cameron), Brown is well-known for having given a speech in 2009, calling for the creation of a New World Order to deal with environmental and financial issues. This is classic cabal language, given in plain sight to indoctrinate the sheeple.

Nicolas Sarkozy

As the former President of France, Sarkozy is well known for his use of Illuminati hand signs and code words, as well as generally doing the bidding of his European and cabal masters. He is thought to have been removed from office (through a rigged election, of course) for numerous offenses and a messy divorce.

Vladimir Putin

The Russian president is an extremely powerful world leader, and as such, would normally be thought of as having Illuminati membership. However, some Illuminati experts have done further research that casts Putin as a renegade who defied the cabal and was kicked out for his behavior. They believe his aggressive behavior and militarism are in service of fighting the Illuminati, not working for them.

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Prince Philip

As the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Phillip wields great influence with the Windsor bloodline. It’s currently unknown if he himself is also a reptilian lizard person or a human. This would make their children only half human/half lizards, as opposed to full lizards. More research is needed.

Pope Benedict XVI

The only Pope Emeritus in , Benedict XVI would have played a similar role as Pope Francis in Illuminati Satanic rituals. It’s unclear why the cabal would allow him to step down as Pope and continue to live, as there are rumors they have assassinated other popes, including John Paul I.

Hugo Chávez

As the president of Venezuela, Chavez was outspoken in condemning the perceived imperialism and capitalism of what he viewed as the decadent United States, as opposed to the socialist paradise that was his nation. For this, it’s believed that the Illuminati assassinated him by giving him cancer.

Joseph Stalin

No greater false flag was ever (allegedly) perpetrated on humanity than the Illuminati staging of . They (allegedly) engineered the entire conflict, sold to all sides, and controlled every aspect of the outcome. As leader of the Soviet Union, Stalin would have (allegedly) been key to ensuring the smooth operation of this deception and (allegedly) benefited enormously from it.

Princess Diana

After her death in 1997, rumors surfaced that Princess Diana was killed as either an Illuminati sacrifice or to silence her from going public about what she knew in regards to the cabal. These rumors cite the usual inconsistencies in published , along with a great deal of Illuminati symbolism.

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Fidel Castro

As the leader of communist Cuba, Castro is thought to have played a major role in the Cuban Missile Crisis staged incident. He continued to be given power and influence by the Illuminati, in exchange for Cuba being left alone from Western meddling. Allegedly.

Adolf Hitler

Long thought by conspiracy believers to secretly have been a Jewish/Communist/Illuminati agent working for the cabal, Hitler also played a key role in the WWII staged incident. He was given power over much of Europe in exchange for his cooperation in advancing the aims of the Illuminati. Incidentally, many white supremacists believe Hitler “didn’t want war” with the Allies and that he was forced into it – possibly by the Illuminati.

Osama Bin Laden

The former Al-Qaeda head is believed to have played a key role in the September 11th false flag incident. He was then disposed of by the Illuminati after he had outlived his usefulness. Others believe he is still alive, or he was killed long before his announced killing on May 1, 2011. All three are equally possible to those who have their eyes opened.

Prince Charles

Another Windsor bloodline reptilian lizard person, Prince Charles is thought to host Illuminati sacrifice costume balls to raise funds for the cabal. He’s also been implicated in the death of Princess Diana, who he allegedly had killed to ensure her silence about his nefarious doings.

Winston Churchill

Churchill is believed to have been a powerful member of the Illuminati, given enormous influence and latitude in the World War II staged operation. It’s also alleged his war effort was funded by the same bankers who funded Hitler, maximizing profits by selling to everyone. He might also have been given special powers to survive a life of heavy drinking and cigar smoking.