The Worst Things That Have Ever Happened During Sex

is awesome. We’re not going to lie and say that it’s just okay. You could offer us all the money in the world to say that is mediocre and we’d throw it in your face. Sometimes, though, can go wrong, like, super crazy wrong. For whatever reason, the worst things tend to happen during : animal attacks, broken genitals, death – you name it and it’s probably happened while people were gettin’ it on. Put the kids to bed, because this list of the worst things that have ever happened during is not for the faint of heart.
After reading through so many true sex stories for this list, we’ve come to a few conclusions. First of all, a lot of guys keep garbage in their rooms – real garbage that a garbage man takes away from the curb. Second, people like to live dangerously. They want to put weird things inside of themselves or have sex in moving cars, and that’s cool. But readers, please be safe. We don’t want to have to add you to this list of real life sex horror stories.
Vote up the most excruciating, worst things that have ever happened during sex. And feel free to share your nightmare sex story in the comments. Whatever happened to you is probably mild compared to the wacky stuff on here.