WTF Russia Photos That Prove Everyone Is Insane

In Soviet Russia, list reads you! This is a collection of hilariously WTF photos straight from Russia with love, and if it’s any insight to how people live on the other side of the world, then you’re about to learn that Russian people are pretty crazy. Whether it’s the borderline obsessive love for swords and guns or the classic Russian love affair with tanks and vodka, these WTF Russia images are full of hilarious cultural trends. It might seem weird to Americans or others outside the Motherland, but hey, if you were in a country as cold as Russia, maybe you’d be doing crazy things to pass the time as well. 

What do Russian people do when they’re not drinking vodka? These photos aim to answer that time old question and the answer seems to be either posing with weapons or drinking more vodka. Take a look at this list of meanwhile in Russia pictures and vote up the most insane images of them all!

Genius Smoke Stacks Designed to Look Like Vodka

Brick Volleyball Is WAY Better Than Beach Volleyball

Top Down Weather Is Totally Subjective

Bear Cavalry Is Nightmarishly Awesome

Can’t Afford Tinted Windows, But Value Your Privacy? Russia Has a Solution!

House Falling Apart? Just Put a Tarp Over It!

Hummer Not Aggressive Enough? Make It a Tank!

The Cutest Tank in Mother Russia

Laugh All You Want, This Guy’s Probably Toasty Warm

Stay Classy, Russia

I Know a Romantic Little Place, Just for You and Me

Comfortable Seating for the Parents

That’s a Strange Air Freshener…

Construction Work at Its Laziest

Is This a New Olympic Sport?

They’re More Marketable to Kids this Way!

Just What Exactly Is Going on Here?

This Wedding, Apparently Sponsored by Adidas

Is That a Pilot?

Russian People Love Their Tanks!

What Is he Drinking? Why Is He Wearing Clothes? Why Is the Water So Dirty?!

This Kid Seems Like He’s Up Past His Bed Time

All Hail the Russian Sausage Queen!

These Are Russian Tinder Profile Pics, Right?

The Matching Bow Is a Nice Touch

The Worst Camouflage on Earth

Shoe Purses Are the Hot New Fashion Hybrid!